Terms of Use

If you are authoring a Graphic Novel and seeking a platform to show your work, the purpose of this website is providing that platform. We require all authors to embed all text within their uploaded page images, and author novels will be searchable by the language used within the images of the novel. This way we can support almost all world-wide languages without the need for translations.

IMPORTANT: As we work to optimize worldwide languages on this site, there may be issues verifying email addresses. If you apply to show your work and do not receive an email back from us within two business days, try again; your email address may not have been properly calculated. We will work with you to resolve this issue.

If you are interested in opening an account here, please read the instructions below.

Adding a Story

  1. Graphic Stories are required to be only images. All text must be embedded in the images. All images must be JPG files and use extension ".jpg" and can be one size:
    • 1366 pixels wide by 1024 pixels high at 72ppi
    • For readers of your work, the language used in your images will help to classify each novel.
  2. Be nice to yourself, name your page images in an organized manner such as:
    • story1_chapter1_page1.jpg
    • or str1_ch1_pg1.jpg
  3. Place a copyright watermark on each image such as:
    • No image on the internet is completely secure from download or screenshots, so the watermark is your proof of ownership.
  4. We review all your pages to approve them for display. This may take a day or two, depending on our scheduled time.
  5. Our website tries to support all utf8mb4 specified languages, and since your story's text will be embedded in the images, anyone who reads your language will be able to read your story, without translation.
  6. We do not allow:
    • Images that contain raw graphic sex
    • Images that contain vicious graphic violence
    • Advertising in story images will not be approved.
    • Our decisions on approval of image content are final.

Creating an Account